Saturday, October 3, 2015

DC Metro service going downhill, while US spends $9 million a day bombing for oil

"WAMU 88.5 has received scores of emails and tweets from Metrorail riders who are quitting the system after the lousy summer that ended on a regrettably fitting note: on Sept. 21 a transformer fire at Metro’s power substation near Stadium-Armory will cause service disruptions for at least six months on the Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines."

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baltimore free circulator service to expand to more areas

Best (And Only) Public Transportation Expansion: The Circulator's Purple Route - Baltimore City Paper: "After years of being on the table, the Circulator’s Purple Route is finally going to be extended north to 33rd Street, bringing the free bus service to Charles Village, Old Goucher, and the surrounding neighborhoods. "

Saturday, August 29, 2015

How slugging works in Washington DC suburbs - sharing rides to work "A form of Washington commuting. People assemble at meeting points and form a line. Drivers stop at the line and shout, “Pentagon!” “14th Street and F!” “Rosslyn!” The first people in line headed for these destinations hop in the car. Drivers gather enough people to use the I–95 express lanes for a free ride to work. The “slug” lines work in reverse in the afternoon, forming at the morning drop-off locations. There’s no fee or paperwork required to participate, for drivers or slugs. Just get in line. Veteran slugs carry laminated signs listing their morning and afternoon destinations. Visit for a complete list of meeting places, times and social norms surrounding this practice."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Baltimore fare-free circulator a success

Baltimore Sun: "Even in its somewhat budget-trimmed version, the Charm City Circulator has injected a welcome burst of fresh air into a stagnant urban transit picture. The jaunty Circulator has made a difference along the Charles Street corridor. It has done an amazing job of knitting neighborhoods together. I've been amazed at the way it has been embraced and defended."

Public transportation is vital in Prince William

Potomac Local: "Public transportation is a vital service to any community that hopes to thrive and attract residents and job creators.  As our children grow up, start families of their own and enter the workforce, it is very clear that their needs and values are different than ours were.  They want town centers and activities.  They prefer communities with the option of public transportation.  If Prince William County hopes to be a community of choice in the years to come, to offer the value proposition that will attract families and businesses, our local government must invest in public transportation."

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

Injustice at the Intersection

Dissent Magazine: "Beneath a veneer of scientific neutrality, traffic engineering operates to the prejudice of anyone on foot. The objective is to move motor vehicles; those who walk, whether they do so by choice or by necessity, are little more than obstacles. Dissidents within the traffic engineering profession have begun to challenge this philosophy, but innovation, even when it revives the practices of a century ago, encounters fierce resistance from highway traditionalists."

photo Georgia pedestrians (Stephen Lee Davis / Transportation for America)