Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baltimore Offering Free Transit Rides During 2 Weeks In June

CBS Baltimore: "BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore is getting two weeks of free bus, light rail and subway rides in June.

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration is offering the rides from June 18 through June 30."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Baltimore had 440 miles of fixed rail in the past

Baltimore Sun: "During the last century, Baltimore had one of the nation's leading trolley systems, with over 440 miles of fixed rail serving us in the city and suburbs, going in all directions. Along Baltimore City's hundreds of miles of streets today, we have only about 20 miles of Metro and light rail within city limits to serve us as fixed rail public transit. These two lines generally go from north to south across the city."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make protesters look like terrorists with this simple trick!

  1. Dress up some police in all black with face masks.
  2. Have them break windows and set fires away from the main protest.
  3. Hire a freelance journalist to cover the action.
  4. Have your uniformed police arrest some people at the main protest.
  5. Have corporate media say "CARS BURNED, 20 ARRESTED"
  6. Later let the arrested people go.
Works every time. Follow #blackbloc on twitter for more free simple tricks.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Are you ready for more 9-11's with new POTUS?

It has already started. In Portland, Oregon, during post-election protests, provocateurs vandalized property. There just happened to be a "journalist" who followed them as they casually walked down the street with no fear of arrest. Plenty of "shocking" video appeared on social media.

This will happen again. It's almost a sure bet for the inauguration. It usually goes like this:

  • black clad masked "anarchists" (often with police-issue footwear) will take action
  • they will throw objects at police and then disappear or,
  • they will appear in a wealthy neighborhood away from main protest and vandalize property
  • there will be a lot of  photo/video "coverage" on social media
  • but somehow no one will get "caught"

The corporate media, and social media trolls then have the "right" to call protesters terrorists.

This trick is as old as warfare. Attack oneself with the flag of the enemy.

It is pretty easy to see through these tricks if you have the inclination. Click for more on agents-provocateur and false-flags.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Transit Savings Report

APTA : "Washington, D.C. – The national average gas price fell slightly as Americans prepare to give thanks with family and friends.  Even with the dip in gas prices, there is still a great opportunity to save using public transportation instead of driving this holiday season.  This year you can let public transportation relieve you from the stress of driving as you make preparations for Thanksgiving and your retail vists for Black Friday sales.  

The annual savings is $9,641 for a person who switches his or her daily commute by car to taking public transportation, according to the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) November Transit Savings Report.  Individuals who ride public transportation instead of driving can save, on average, more than $803 per month. "

Monday, November 28, 2016

4 Ways Trump’s Transportation Plan Is Ripe for Corruption

Streetsblog USA: "In the transportation realm, Trump’s plan would mean building lots of privately-financed toll roads, an arrangement rife with examples of costly blunders, bankruptcies, and conflicts of interest. Letting the Trump White House oversee a huge program of privatized toll road construction would open the door to corruption on a massive scale."

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pro-car advocates twisting themselves into pretzels trying to save the auto system

Center for American Progress: "For starters, fewer vehicles do not necessarily mean less congestion. One overlooked downside of AVs is the additional miles of travel required to reposition vehicles to areas that generate a high number of trips or to drive empty to the next booking. Unfortunately, the numbers increase quickly. In the case of Lisbon, total vehicle miles of travel, or VMT, nearly doubled when researchers removed public transportation and assumed most AV trips would be taken by single riders."