Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is the true purpose of right wing extremism? [hint: it is oil]

GOP Politician Confirms What Was Long Suspected: Republicans Intentionally Feed the Racism, Anger, and Paranoia of the Far Right | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet:

"As an example of both the GOP pandering to right-wing voters and conservative talk show hosts undercutting sensible policymaking, Inglis points to climate change. Fossil fuels, he notes, get a free ride because they're 'negative externalities' -- that is, pollution and the effects of climate change -- 'are not recognized' in the market. Sitting in front of a wall-sized poster touting clean technology centers in South Carolina, Inglis says that conservatives 'should be the ones screaming. This is a conservative concept: accountability. This is biblical law: you cannot do on your property what harms your neighbor's property.' Which is why he supports placing a price on carbon -- and forcing polluters to cover it."

"Asked why conservatives and Republicans have demonized the issue of climate change and clean energy, Inglis replies, 'I wish I knew; then maybe I wouldn't have lost my election.' He points out that some conservatives believe that any issue affecting the Earth is 'the province of God and will not be affected by human activity. If you talk about the challenge of sustainability of the Earth's systems, it's an affront to that theological view.'"

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