Friday, November 12, 2010

Reduce Carbon Emissions and Stress at the same time

Mass Transit Is Getting Better and Better Every Day | Green Blizzard | Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: "The second great part about mass transit is that it’s a really stress free, convenient way to travel.  Stress free riding cuts down on the time you are waiting in traffic doing nothing. Some people say mass transit takes longer then driving, but when you look at driving as purely wasted time, that argument goes down the drain. Why spend your time merely driving and madly texting at stoplights when you can entrust the driving to a professional while you do something else like read, answer e-mails, power nap, or immerse yourself in an endless daydream?   According to a recent poll from the Chicago Tribune – more Americans want more investment into the mass transit infrastructure.  Citizens Want More Public Transit"

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