Friday, February 4, 2011

Gasoline Tax - ACT for Transit

Gasoline Tax: "The current economic crisis requires us to use tax dollars more efficiently than in the past. Maryland is in a position to do that with strategic investments that bring out the full value of our existing transit lines. The Purple Line will offer fast, frequent transit between the Washington suburbs that Metro already connects with D.C. The Red Line, connecting with existing Metro and light rail lines, will make Baltimore once again a city where living without a car is convenient as well as affordable. MARC will be an all-day transit service, not just a commuter railroad. Through these investments, we will create a far more efficient transportation system, one that no longer forces commuters onto overcrowded and overpriced highways. At the same time, by encouraging transit-oriented development, we will reinvigorate our economy and rebuild the livable communities that our citizens yearn for."

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