Friday, September 2, 2011

The formation of the tea-party a sign of weakness

For a hundred years the oil industry has run rough-shod over the US economy. The wasteful autosprawl system was deceitfully forced upon an unsuspecting public. The successful streetcar system was methodically dismantled.

As businesses, workers, and consumers began to choke on the congestion, pollution, and massive subsidy, the oil industry needed ways to maintain political power. They cobbled together a coalition based on an eclectic collection of social issues, racism, and general corporate power.

This is all falling apart. The tea-party was a desperate attempt to renew it.

Now, mayors and city councils recognize that the autosprawl system is killing their communities economically. Businesses want to locate where employees are not drained by auto expenses, where people can get to work easily, and where goods can be shipped efficiently.

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