Monday, October 24, 2011

Poor people are ground under the wheels of the auto system, while billions are wasted on autosprawl and energy wars.

Today, there are a number of families in MD, VA and DC that are struggling to perform common tasks that most of us take for granted because of a lack of transportation. Imagine trying to get to work, taking your child to a doctor, or caring for an elderly parent…all without a car. Some families must rely on several modes of public transportation, taking multiple buses and/or subways to get to one destination, or must inconvenience others by asking for a ride. This is a seemingly unending challenge for those who are motivated to achieve financial and personal independence, resulting in exhaustion and frustration. By donating your car to Vehicles For Change, you can transform lives by increasing access to better employment, and improving the self confidence and self esteem necessary for success.  VehiclesforChange

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