Sunday, July 28, 2013

“There’s only one ‘tomorrow’ remedy and that is this public transportation remedy.”

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Eleanor Holmes Norton Takes Top Dem Slot on Highways and Transit Panel | Streetsblog Capitol Hill: " She’s fought to bring the tax benefit for transit commuters up to the same level drivers enjoy, calling it “insane to incentivize by almost two to one the use of cars over mass transportation to get to work.”

“Some do not care as much about the serious health and environmental effects as I do,” she said, “but everybody cares about being stuck in traffic.”"

Friday, July 26, 2013

Maryland governor calls for doubling #publictransit ridership. GOP whines.

O'Malley says state has 'moral obligation' to avert climate change - "The accelerated plan would require the use of more renewable energy, which in the short term could drive up energy costs, and calls for cutting energy consumption by residents. To meet the state-mandated goal of cutting carbon emissions 25 percent by 2020, O'Malley also suggested boosting composting and recycling programs, doubling ridership on public transit, planting more trees and lowering the emissions cap on the state's seven coal-burning power plants."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Transit Screen Wants to Keep DC Public Transportation Running On Time | InTheCapital

Transit Screen Wants to Keep DC Public Transportation Running On Time | InTheCapital: "Transit Screen is a new commuter-focused product created by a local team of D.C.-area entrepreneurs that provides realtime information on the availability and anticipated timing of local transportation. To describe it in its most basic form, it's essentially a massive information display made available to the public that streams the timing of buses, Metro trains, and density of bikes at various bikeshare stations by leveraging current WMATA APIs. I know, it sounds like a relatively simple idea but shockingly enough almost no Metro station or major public transportation hub in the area utilizes this seemingly convenient service for commuters."

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Most Marylanders see climate change harming health "Most Marylanders say people in the United States are already being harmed by climate change, a new poll finds.

In a statewide mail survey of 2,100 households, the poll by George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication found that 52 percent of Marylanders see evidence that climate change is hurting Americans."