Friday, October 23, 2015

Buses should come before rail

Gov. Larry Hogan unveils $135M mass transit investment for Baltimore | Maryland News - WBAL Home: "The Maryland Public Policy Institute issued a statement, saying the plan is a win for commuters and taxpayers: "The Hogan Administration's plan is Baltimore's ticket to a more flexible, efficient and commuter-friendly transit plan for commuters and taxpayers alike. Nonpartisan research from our institute and others consistently shows that high-frequency bus systems better serve both commuters and taxpayers than fixed rail projects, which bust budgets and commutes. We are heartened to see this plan enjoys bipartisan support at the local and state level, including City Council President Bernard C. 'Jack' Young.""

Saturday, October 3, 2015

DC Metro service going downhill, while US spends $9 million a day bombing for oil

"WAMU 88.5 has received scores of emails and tweets from Metrorail riders who are quitting the system after the lousy summer that ended on a regrettably fitting note: on Sept. 21 a transformer fire at Metro’s power substation near Stadium-Armory will cause service disruptions for at least six months on the Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines."