Friday, December 16, 2016

Are you ready for more 9-11's with new POTUS?

It has already started. In Portland, Oregon, during post-election protests, provocateurs vandalized property. There just happened to be a "journalist" who followed them as they casually walked down the street with no fear of arrest. Plenty of "shocking" video appeared on social media.

This will happen again. It's almost a sure bet for the inauguration. It usually goes like this:

  • black clad masked "anarchists" (often with police-issue footwear) will take action
  • they will throw objects at police and then disappear or,
  • they will appear in a wealthy neighborhood away from main protest and vandalize property
  • there will be a lot of  photo/video "coverage" on social media
  • but somehow no one will get "caught"

The corporate media, and social media trolls then have the "right" to call protesters terrorists.

This trick is as old as warfare. Attack oneself with the flag of the enemy.

It is pretty easy to see through these tricks if you have the inclination. Click for more on agents-provocateur and false-flags.

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