Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why we should not build rail on top of #autosprawl

An article about the Purple Line shows why rail is a bad idea now. This article shows the confusion and division created by rail projects. What we should do is make urban buses fare-free and respond to demand. Buses first.

govtech : "It could be that by 2040 Metro and the Purple Line system will have combined to spark thriving new development all along the new route. It’s also possible that by 2040 Metro will have fallen into disuse. But why stop there? Maybe by 2040 driverless cars will have pushed all forms of public transportation off the road. Maybe everyone will be teleporting to work. Maybe anything.

The point is that these things are not just uncertain, but unknowable. Predicting traffic patterns in Maryland in 2040 is about as valid as projecting the increase in horse manure in Manhattan between 1894 and 1930. Anybody who pretends to have precise information is either a fool or a self-interested charlatan."

Monday, July 24, 2017

APTA Strongly Opposes Public Transportation Cuts in House Budget Resolution

masstransitmag : "APTA Acting President and CEO Richard A White, expressed strong opposition to proposals to cut funding for key public transportation programs in the House Budget Committee's Budget Resolution for FY 2018. At risk is the Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program for new capacity and expansion public transit projects, the multimodal TIGER grant program, reduced support for Amtrak, and a prohibition of high-speed rail federal funding."

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baltimore Offering Free Transit Rides During 2 Weeks In June

CBS Baltimore: "BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore is getting two weeks of free bus, light rail and subway rides in June.

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration is offering the rides from June 18 through June 30."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Baltimore had 440 miles of fixed rail in the past

Baltimore Sun: "During the last century, Baltimore had one of the nation's leading trolley systems, with over 440 miles of fixed rail serving us in the city and suburbs, going in all directions. Along Baltimore City's hundreds of miles of streets today, we have only about 20 miles of Metro and light rail within city limits to serve us as fixed rail public transit. These two lines generally go from north to south across the city."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make protesters look like terrorists with this simple trick!

  1. Dress up some police in all black with face masks.
  2. Have them break windows and set fires away from the main protest.
  3. Hire a freelance journalist to cover the action.
  4. Have your uniformed police arrest some people at the main protest.
  5. Have corporate media say "CARS BURNED, 20 ARRESTED"
  6. Later let the arrested people go.
Works every time. Follow #blackbloc on twitter for more free simple tricks.